16. Regina v. D.D.N. [Provincial Court of Alberta, Calgary – May 2012]

Client charged with multiple offences including possession of cocaine (approximately 3 ounces) for the purpose of trafficking, possession of firearms (2 semi-automatic loaded handguns) and possessing proceeds of crime (approximately $24,000.00 cash) as a consequence of a warrant to search executed on residential premises. In addition to the potential jeopardy arising from the cocaine charge our client was facing two firearms charges which carried a combined minimum period of imprisonment of 3 years. On the verge of Queen’s Bench trial proceedings this prosecution was resolved amicably due to a multitude of problematic evidentiary issues. Bottom line: the entire prosecution concluded by way of a guilty plea to two “lesser” firearms offences and a fine of $3,000.00. All other charges (including the cocaine charge) were completely withdrawn.